Almaze is a platform that connects brands (thereafter the “Vendor”) with consumers,  (thereafter the “Buyer”).

All products sold on Almaze must be handcrafted (we do not support nor sell fast fashion), with premium/high-quality responsible fabrics.

Vendor Registration
Registrations are made upon request to yes@almaze.com.

Each future Vendor will receive an application form to fill out in order to join the platform.

The Vendor agrees to provide us with correct information.

The registration to Almaze Marketplace is free of engagement and the Vendor can leave the marketplace at any time by emailing us at yes@almaze.com

The Vendor commits to keep all information on the Buyer confidential and to never share them.

Almaze gets paid on the intermediation between Buyer/Vendor and perceives a 10% commission on the full price of each sale.

Vendor Payment
After an order is done, Almaze will send the money to the buyer within 2 business days. The vendor has to freeze the money for 14 days after the Buyer receives the good or 30 days after the good is shipped if neither the Buyer nor the Vendor can not notify its reception.

If the Seller asks for a refund, the Vendor will have to send the money back to Almaze with 2 business days after he receives the product and confirms the validity of the refund.

It is Almaze’s responsibility to send refund money to the Seller.

Products sold
Each Vendor is sole responsible for product he decides to sell on platform, has ensure its conformity and respect of laws and regulations applicable the fabrication and sale of these products.

Sales Tax
Each Vendor is solely responsible to collect, report, and remit taxes to correct tax authority on sales, where applicable. Vendor further agrees that Almaze is not obligated to determine whether a sales tax applies and Almaze is not responsible to collect, report, or remit any tax information arising from any transaction.

if you need more information about sales tax please, contact your tax advisor.

Refund/Return/Shipping Policy
Each Vendor will provide Almaze with its own Refund/Return/Shipping Policy and agrees to act in compliance with it confirming the regulation applicable.

Policies implemented by the Vendor have to conform with the applicable laws.

The Vendor is responsible for expedition and shipment of order to Buyer, respecting the delivery delays announced to Buyer at time of order and the legal dispositions applicable.

Professional Vendor
The Vendor acting as a professional must indicate it and provide Almaze with his/her registration number to the Commerce and Societies Register and any other information required by Almaze allowing to identify him/her.

It is the responsibility of each Vendor to determinate if he/she acts as a professional or not.

The professional Vendor has to respect all the rules and obligations incumbent upon him/her in his/her quality of professional, regarding the applicable law.

By selling your products on ALMAZE you agree to these terms and conditions.