Fashion Anthropology: The Cross-Cultural Approach Of Asian Spirit

There is a thin line between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation. And this line should never be crossed. Asian Spirit is a luxury fashion brand which understands that. The label knows how to conduct an insightful dialogue between multiple cultures. In a previous interview, its founder, Svetlana Kuzovova told us how she joins the east and the west in her collections. She recently unveiled her new collection “Anthropology”. Once again, she connected different cultures and created a pleasable narrative between them. We’re speechless. She outdoes her creative work on each collection. But don’t get us wrong. Asian Spirit’s collections aren’t merely made to appeal to the eye. They also appeal to the mind. Asian Spirit’s work embodies a deep meaning and strong values every woman should know.

Fashion Anthropology in Today’s World

Anthropology is the science of humanity which studies human being in societies, cultures, and their development. Studying diversity within the scope of fashion along with its relation to culture can bring up very interesting perspectives to explore. This is what inspired Svetlana Kuzovova: “Fashion always reflects what is happening in society, in its culture and art. And now we can observe the phenomenon of  Globalization and constant cross-cultural interpenetration. And it’s great!”. We couldn’t agree more. Fashion unites people, gathers cultures, celebrates diversity. Savoir-faire from different places of the globe can meet into a single design or collection and lead to a thoughtful narrative. Difference stimulates creativity and opens minds. 

We believe that fashion only succeeds if it makes one feel beautiful and free, confident and empowered, proud of being who she/he is to the highest degree. Yes, fashion is elevation. And fashion anthropology is all about inclusivity. It cultivates cultural relativism to educate and allow people to comprehend other cultures with a mindful understanding free of judgment. It is all about breaking barriers and creating bounds to reunite people.

Fashion is a universal language. 

“ Previously, when you looked at a woman, it was possible to determine her nationality, social affiliation, status, religion, even the age and period of life in which she is. Now it is becoming less and less possible. Designers are often inspired by cultures completely different from their own. They combine, synthesize and popularize cross-cultural silhouettes, techniques, embroidery, ornaments – which together create a single portrait of our planet, so different, but equally beautiful. True fashion is always a language of beauty. It is universal and understandable to everyone. Aesthetics prevail over everything, and enable every woman to express herself individually, and stay true to herself.”

Yes, globalisation brings fashion forward. It has allowed designers to find inspiration from countries, cultures, areas they would probably have never thought of. It broadens their imagination which gives them new creative ideas. By connecting and collaborating with artisans from different countries, designers can use fashion as a vehicle to educate and raise awareness of tolerance, diversity, inclusion.

The Essentiality Of A Cross-Cultural Approach

We live in a world where there are so many beautiful cultures. Cross-cultural conversations are a great way to teach people open-mindedness. It is always pleasing to see designers combinate techniques and craftsmanships from different cultures/countries. We are all human beings sharing space on a single planet, and bringing that up through fashion is so powerful. It is not about “stealing” from each other but celebrating each culture with respect under the same purpose: spread love and spur understanding of the other.

The celebration of diversity and multiple cultures is exactly what led the Russian designer Svetlana Kuzovova to make her foray into fashion “I came into fashion quite by accident. When I went to Asia, I was incredibly inspired by its aesthetics, culture, art, colours of nature. I wanted eclecticism, combinations, connecting the western and eastern worlds. I did not conceive clothes just for the sake of it, but rather as an international development project that unites the women taking part in it and enriches their vision of themselves, others and the world. Asian Spirit’s collections are always amazingly global, and I am proud that this is happening – this was my goal. After 10 years of working with local craftsmen and designers from India, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, and Italy, we have achieved a harmonious combination of seemingly unmatched and incredible silhouettes, brightness and nobility, many embroideries and manual labour, focussing on easy care and comfortability.

How Asian Spirit’s New Collection “Anthropology” Elevates The Modern Woman

Asian Spirit’s new collection embodies all aspects of fashion anthropology we just discussed. But that’s not all. Svetlana is – and has always been – concerned about making her clients feel comfortable and confident with top-notched designs “In our new collection, called “Anthropology,” we again remained true to ourselves and joined the strict silhouettes of Lebanese dresses with Uzbek hand-made robes and capes made from hand-made adras, with embroideries and belts with luxurious tassels and feathers. We show that a woman can adjust the degree of openness of her dress in order for her to be comfortable. It is the feeling that layering gives. Clothing is an anchor for the woman. It grounds her in a certain state. So, if the clothes are natural, luxurious, comfortable, hand-made, they contribute to allowing her being herself and feeling yourself, likewise beautifying her world by bringing harmony and femininity enriched with the eclecticism of the world of cultures and arts.”

Svetlana knows how to cater to the needs of the modest woman because she understands her: “emotionally we feel better being covered in soft natural fabrics without neither being exposed nor tighten”. She is also very good at advising her. One of her top advice is: “To feel comfortable, always wear robes and kimonos over any dress. They literally enrich any looks.”

How Svetlana Kuzovova Incarnates The Adage “Be Your Own Muse” And Inspires Us To Do So

One thing we like most about Asian Spirit is its founder. She truly incarnates our idea of the modern woman. Sparkling, Beautiful and Confident, she is an accomplished and fulfilled woman. A pure business lady and travel lover. She is not only the founder and creative director of Asian Spirit but also the muse of the brand. Perfect ambassador, she wears her designs wherever she goes. By the way she shines through her designs, she inspires us to shine as well. Passionate about what she does, she is very concerned about giving the best to her clients. And this is understandable. You should always want for others what you want for you. Svetlana Kuzovova is a true advocate of a comfortable style rendered in luxury fabrics so that’s what she gives to her clients.

Asian Spirit is more than a  brand with a cross-cultural approach. It is a mindset. A take on self-confidence. An affirmation of self-love. A decision to unapologetically shine and spread empowerment wherever you go. Asian Spirit turns women into the very best version themselves. Because every woman is a diamond, she deserves the best.

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