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Everyone is wondering what modest fashion is. This term encompassing the notion of modesty has recently taken the fashion industry by storm. Increasingly trending, yet it is not always comprehended or perceived as it should be. In fact, there remain myths and significant confusion around modest fashion, sometimes creating reticences from some individuals to consider it as a legitimate branch of fashion. We’ll try our best to expose all the misconceptions you may have about it.

What Is Modest Fashion?

Defining modest fashion itself can be quite complex. While some see it as elegant, minimalist streamlined and discrete, others may picture it as colorful, vivid, maximalist, and eye-catching.

One thing we will all be able to concur with regardless of our opinions on modest fashion is that this fashion consists of attires with longer sleeves, wider, looser fit, and overall less-revealing profiles. Nonetheless, we can’t limit the definition of modest fashion to this one aspect.


Why Modest Fashion?

Reina Lewis said in her book Modest Fashion: Styling Bodies, Mediating Faith :

“For some women, modest dressing is clearly motivated by their understanding of their religion. For others, it provides a way to reinterpret community and ethnic norms in relation to contemporary life. For other, modest dressing is less about faith or spirituality than about pragmatic options for achieving social or geographical mobility, or for responding to changes in their lifecycle (such as having children, getting older, going to a new job).”

Modest Fashion Meaning

We decided to ask fashion professionals “what is modest fashion ?”. Their thoughts and their opinions are very diverse and interesting to read. You’ll be able to read them in the first white paper we worked on to celebrate the launch of Almaze.

This white paper is an endeavor to instill in you a clearer understanding of the concept of modest fashion. The purpose of this white paper is not to give you a definition of modest fashion but rather to provide you with insights and different ways to approach and think of modest fashion. You will then be able to define by yourself what is modest fashion and what it means to you.

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