Your business is a GEM

Our job?
Make sur the right people know it.
And turn them into clients.

By leveraging the strengths of marketing:
Content creation
Facebook/instagram ads
Acquisition strategy

But who are you?
An explosive collective of passionate and creative freelances
from the worlds of digital marketing, fashion, art and luxury.

Why should I trust you?
Actually don't. Judge us by the results we'll provide you.
No matter the project, you'll pay only if you're satisfied.
If you are not happy with our work, we won't take your money.

Where do I sign?
Let's schedule a call first
And tell us more about your project

One of our latest lovely projects

We are passionate about minimalism and simplicity

Our 2 weeks webdesign process is pretty simple
1. Define your needs and your website's objectives
2. Define the best technology (wordpress, webflow, shopify, square space)
3. Create the brand style
4. Create mockups
5. Create the website and ship it to you

Discover our podcast serie about creativity and MODESTY

#30 "Sustainability has empowered a lot of people to forget about modesty"
- Sara Bernat luxury consultant

#26 How modesty reveals the authenticity of an artist
- Sophia Sheppard art curator and writer

#19 Modesty is the art of draping a silhouette
- Bav Tailor founder of the conscious luxury brand Bav Tailor


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