Does a Woman Have To Be Modest In Order To Be Respected?

Have you ever wondered if it is necessary for a woman to be modest, or dress modestly in order to win respect from people around her? Well, if yes, then the next time you find yourself thinking on those lines, hush the thought off with a quick no as the answer. No, there is no reason why a woman should only be respected if she’s dressed in modest attire. Behaving modestly may increase the amount of respect she earns, but that does not mean that those who aren’t modest in their behavior or fashion sense cannot or should not be respected.

It is so unfortunate how even in the modern era of today, women are still often ridiculed for their choices, especially in the way they choose to dress. Most of the time, people are constantly judging them on how short their skirt is, or how revealing their top is and even how they’re clad in an outfit that covers them from head to toe. It seems as though some people just have to judge and disrespect no matter what. It actually makes one wonder why such sort of discrimination and disrespect is even important. After all, what relevance do anyone’s clothes have in determining how much they should or should not be respected? You simply cannot assume that a woman who wears revealing clothes doesn’t have any self-respect, or a woman dressed modestly is a symbol of body-shaming. In fact, disrespecting either one of them has a lot to say about your own character and not theirs.

Moreover, there’s no reason why you should ever act or dress in a specific manner in order to earn or gain anybody’s respect. Your character should be enough to define that, and inspire people to look up to you. Always remember that dressing modestly does not necessarily deem you as a good person, and similarly dressing immodestly doesn’t mean that you are a bad person at heart or in character. A woman should be respected regardless of wearing a short dress or a long one. Appearances can be deceiving, so you need to know the person better and offer them the respect that they deserve for their skills, personality, kindness and other intangible assets, instead of solely on their clothing. Honestly, equating a woman’s dignity to her choice of outfit is simply humiliating her and nothing more. Everyone is entitled to wear whatever they find comfort in, and therefore it is not right to say that a woman should be modest to be respected. That is plain damaging to her self-esteem.

To sum up we’d just say that it’s high time that women get showered with all due respect for who they are instead of what they are wearing. It’s time to recognize their talents and true character instead of forming a crooked perception of how or how not they choose to cover themselves. Stop objectifying and be respectful instead!

Author: Zara Fahed