Modesty: Discover Its 5 Important Aspects

What is the first thing that crosses your mind at the mention of “modesty”?Most probably a woman covered head to toe in a modest dress, right? Yes, for sure this is the common consensus of this term, but in reality, it goes way beyond this perception. Modesty is not only confined to the manner a woman chooses to dress up, but also reflects in one’s behavior, way of living, and in fact, their overall conduct. Moreover, it is to be understood that being modest implies to both genders and not females alone.

Let’s overview what modesty actually is with respect to each of these aspects.

Modesty in attire

The way a person dresses is often of the first things that you notice about someone during social interaction. Modest wear generally comprises of cladding oneself in attire that covers the private parts and does not provoke lust or unwanted attraction from the opposite sex. Also, a headcover can be a symbol of modesty but a woman who doesn’t sport a covered head, yet covers her skin in appropriate clothing, can be equally modest as the woman who does wear a headgear. The extent to which an outfit has to cover the body to be considered has modest is really personal, and may fluctuate depending on the culture, beliefs or tolerance of a person. Nonetheless, although modesty is not just defined by our wardrobe choices, it certainly can’t be excluded from it either.

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Modesty in speech

Have you ever wondered whether what you speak is hurtful or comforting? The words you choose to say out loud, the tone you use to deliver a message, both of these reflect how modest you are speech wise. We are living in an era where, unfortunately, expressing happiness as well as grief in immodest words is gradually picking up as a trend, both intentionally and non-intentionally. One should not only keep their speech moderate, speaking only when it is absolutely necessary, but also avoid heeding to gossips and arguments. Furthermore, raising your voice at a tensed situation or to vent out anger is not acceptable as it may trigger verbal abuse as well as physical assault, and being aggressive in any aspect is not something that modesty permits.

Modesty in actions

If you believe that you are a modest person, modesty should outshine in each and every thing you do. Whether it is a TV show that you are watching or a book that you are reading, make sure that they are not luring you into immodest behavior or to lose your shamefulness. Similarly, avoid going to places that are considered unhealthy for a modest heart. In addition, one should also be mindful of the type of friends they make. It is human nature to get influenced by the people we choose to surround ourselves with, hence always question yourself whether this is the person you wish to be or want to be seen with. Remove all immodest influences from your life if you intend to embrace modesty completely. All in all, modesty in your actions can be summed up as doing only those things that are not hurtful to others and are in line with what we believe in/our values. Our actions should be such that don’t cause us to regret or feel shameful about them later.

Modesty in behavior with others

In addition to your own actions, modesty is also about how you behave in public and what your behavior with other individuals is like. This implies to both males and females hence being modest calls for lowering of the gaze and avoiding any flirtatious talk or conduct as well as making physical contact with members of the opposite sex that are not directly related to you. Overall, modesty encompasses around treating everyone with fairness and kindness, exactly in the manner that you would want someone to treat you. Moreover, a truly modest person is bound to refrain from being judgmental and radiate empathy and politeness towards all human beings.

Modesty in our lifestyle

Modesty is something that reflects in your lifestyle too. When you display a sense of decency in your overall conduct and choices, and the way you present yourself overall, you will realize that others look up to you as a modest being. A modest person does not flaunt his possessions or boast about having a lifestyle that is better than someone else. Modesty causes you to be mindful of others at all times and hence be humble, charitable, sincere, forgiving, thankful and everything positive in every aspect of your life. Modesty is a virtue that enables you to radiate positivity to people and situations around you instead of drawing unnecessary attention or feelings of disrespect.

In a nutshell, modesty is a character trait for both genders and it directly affects how we set our priorities, thoughts, speech and actions. It resides within a soul; you cannot expect a person in modest clothing to be an epitome of modesty overall unless you are sure that they are modest in all other facets of life too. Hence, the true meaning of modesty is achieved only when the internal humbleness is in line with the outward reflection of it, and vice versa.

Author : Zara Fahad