Is Modesty a Form of Self-Defense?

Most of us would agree that modesty is a term that is not confined to the way a woman graces an outfit but extends to a person’s overall conduct and lifestyle choices.  A person can be a great example of modesty in terms of their behavior and attitude towards others, yet dress immodestly. This doesn’t make them less modest than those who so wear modest clothes  yet are not as kind or sober in their outlook towards life.

Modesty And Cultures

There do exist a handful of such cultures that emphasize on the importance of women dressing up modestly, as doing so is bound to keep them concealed from unwanted, disgraceful attention from the opposite sex. They believe that modesty can easily serve as a form of self-defense for the weaker gender. However, if one was to look at this from a broader perspective, it won’t take too long to realize that regardless of one’s attire, immodest people will still shoot them with their piercing stares and snide remarks.  What this means is that no matter how modest your attire is, it is not always likely to act as a weapon of self-defense.

Modesty And Lifestyle

Furthermore, if we were to refer to modesty as what it actually is, a way of living, behaving and speaking, it would still not justify as a form of self-defense. The reason being, a modest person is generally humble and polite in nature and portrays a submissive body language all of which are assumed as weaknesses in situations where one seeks self-defense. Hence, if modesty is to be used as a form of self-defense, it would probably lead to more attacks, unless one succeeds in dodging such situations completely.

Modesty And Values

So, even though It’s true that a woman in modest attire is likely to ward away unwanted attention as compared to a woman in immodest clothing, this alone cannot entirely define modesty as a form of self-defense. You should be modest because of the values you believe in  and not because you intend to use it to your advantage. For self-defense, you need to have a clear attitude, you need to be sure that you will retaliate in a problematic situation if need be, rather than being too modest about it and letting the other person exploit you. Being modest means you will make every effort to avoid landing in a complex situation such as a heated argument, or violent behavior of someone. Unfortunately, even the most modest of people have to step up against personal attacks by voicing their opinion, unless they choose to stay silent and ignore it altogether to a point of being oppressed.

All in all, an unfortunate reality of life is that certain mouths will always speak ill regardless of how modest you are, hence modesty cannot be termed as a form of self-defense. Modesty is, and will always be a complete code of life which one embraces out of personal convictions and for the willingness to be pure in their thoughts, words and acts. Adopting modesty just for the sake of self-defense will definitely not land you in a win-win situation, but rather it might embed itself as a confused personality trait. Moreover, those who are forced to adopt modesty for self-defense tend to see it rather as a constraint to their actual preference of living.

Author : Zara Fahed