Is Modest Fashion a Form of Body-Shaming?

Fashion is how you choose to express your personality through your attire, and your choice may not necessarily appeal to everyone you come across, right? Terming modest fashion as a form of body-shaming is not only irrelevant but very hurtful for those who choose to dress modestly without anybody compelling them to do so. It is disrespectful because we are no one to decide how the appearance of a modestly dressed woman is not worthy or fit for the society, and totally insensitive because who is anyone to decide the worth of a woman dressed modestly? Perhaps if you ever walk up to a modestly dressed woman to question her choice, she will probably tell you that she does so by her own free will and in no way feels oppressed.

Covering Is Empowering

A woman does not cover up because she doesn’t like her body or is too ashamed about her appearance. Nonetheless, a woman embraces modest fashion to feel empowered – she understands that it will give her the power to decide whom to reveal her beauty to and whom not to. Modest fashion in itself is a style, a personal fashion statement, and a choice of how one wishes to carry herself in public. She prefers to be respected for her talents and character rather than her physical beauty.

Covering Is A Personal Choice

Besides, regardless of what culture or religion you belong to, modest fashion is a part of a respectful society whereas body-shaming is not. A woman’s attire should in no way be subject to the judgments of people for whatever reason. An independent, outspoken woman will never sport specific fashion trends, just for the sake of looking good, if she doesn’t feel comfortable in it no matter how stylish they may be. Moreover, if she looks up to modest fashion as her personal dress code, there is no way in stopping her from flaunting it. In fact, even pressurizing her to believe that modest fashion is a form of body-shaming, is unlikely to keep her from embracing the graceful style.

Covering Is Body-Valuing

Our bodies are beautiful and precious, and modest fashion serves as a wonderful cover to keep it concealed as well as protected from disgraceful stares from the opposite gender. Modest fashion is not body shaming at all but exactly the opposite of it. We believe that modest fashion is actually body-valuing. You see, clothes allow us to be presentable and through modest fashion, a woman can elegantly wrap and express herself in a unique manner. Modest fashion gives a woman the creative freedom to be stylish without exposing her physical beauty. This is empowerment, not body-shaming.

In short, the reason so many women are inclined towards modest fashion nowadays is not that they are ashamed of their skin or body in any way, but because they are proud of it. They rather reserve it for the ones who value them for their inward beauty first. Modest fashion saves one from being objectified; then why call it body-shaming instead of body-valuing? This by no way means that those who are not comfortable in modest wear do not love their body enough to keep it concealed from potential evil eyes. It’s all about personal choices, so there should be tolerance and respect for all!

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Author: Zara Fahad