4 Reasons Why Covering Is Empowering

Would you agree that those who dress modestly are often made conscious about their choice of doing so, by being labeled as “oppressed”? Sadly enough, this is a norm across several cultures, yet the ones who are headstrong in their decision of observing modesty in the way they dress, do not allow the remarks of insensitive people to shatter them. How much skin you wish to reveal from underneath your attire is absolutely your free will, and this article will highlight how covering is empowering rather than oppression. Are you ready to know more? Scroll on!

1. Covering entitles you to feel in control

It’s really unfortunate that women are often objectified for their beauty, be it in the workplace or anywhere else. Covering empowers you by allowing you to feel more in control of your body. It entitles you to choose whom you want to show your physical beauty and who you want to hide it from.  It empowers you because you don’t have to display your skin when you don’t want to. Also, covering does not mean that you aren’t attractive; rather it means that you set yourself free from the notion that you have to appear attractive in other people’s eyes by exposing your skin. It is about feeling confident in your covered body.

2. Covering enables people to see beyond phisycal beauty

Once you choose how much of your body you want to reveal and how much you want to hide when in public, it enables others to look beyond the beauty into the personality and intelligence. It empowers you to decide how you wish to be treated and respected in the society. You are empowered to make your skills and talents recognized not because of your body and beauty, but for what they actually are. People are inclined to judge you only with what is in your heart. They will focus more on your work, manners, personality, and character instead of your features, color and revealing attire. Covering empowers by helping you realize that you are desired for your intellect, it is about breaking through the standards of beauty set by society.

3. Covering frees one of society’s concept of liberal and conservative

A lot of people have formed the consensus that covering contributes to oppression, however, ask someone who prefers to dress modestly at all times, and they will tell you how untrue this belief is. Covering does not make anyone less liberal in their thoughts and actions, in fact, it gives you the freedom to do and be anything that you want to without losing your dignity or self-respect by showing off more skin than you would like to. Covering doesn’t make you conservative either; it only empowers you to exercise your choice of lifestyle and clothes instead of depending on physical beauty to draw any kind of attention. It is empowerment because you can pick how to present yourself without anyone forcing you for or against it.

4. Covering is an inspiration to other women

Covering empowers you to walk up to the brink of independence, where women still continue to conceal their skin and beauty despite being ridiculed for it by some. It gives you freedom because being in modest attire does not act as a barrier to a woman’s ambitions. Nonetheless, a modestly dressed woman is bound to inspire other women to cover when they see her comfort and success in doing so. Inspiring others in itself is empowerment, don’t you agree?

In a nutshell, covering is empowering mostly because of the control, independence, self-respect, liberation, and freedom it offers.  It reflects around your own choice, intentions, and beliefs that can be fulfilled without any restrictions despite your choice of clothes. You can live your life however you want to without heeding to someone else’s perception of what to do or not do. Covering does not mean that your physical beauty is not worth the attention. Indeed, it empowers you to display what is precious to only those who you feel are deserving of it.

Author : Zara Fahad