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What Makes Haute-Couture Modest?

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There are few rules in Couture but collections must be artsy and represent the very epitome of elegance.


Fluidity, rigidity, and contrasts are strong characteristics of Couture designs which tend not to be overly tight-fitting.


Couture uses more fabric than any other forms of fashion. The more it covers, the more it tends to look Couture!

Julien Fournié Talks Haute Couture, Modesty And Women Empowerment

Modesty and Haute Couture are very much intertwined ! Julien Fournié proves it with every collection. His designs are endless sources of inspiration for modest women.

Modesty is not a new thing in Haute Couture. I draw inspiration from Couture designers Jacques Fath, Charles James, Claude Montana who focused on covering the skin and revealing the silhouette

Our Favourite Modest Looks From Catwalks

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What Is Modest Fashion?

We Asked Professionals

“I think clothing under the “modest” umbrella is starting to have a more global impact because modest designers are modernizing the types of fabrics and cuts for a global audience. The woman that wants to wear modest clothes is also very much a Phoebe Philo for Céline woman: attention to cuts, fabrics, dresses for herself, wants to look powerful and fashionable.”

Caroline G. – Creative Direction, Brand Strategy & Content Creation

“For me modest fashion is about pureness and elegance. Clean lines and plain colors to put the emphasis on women’s natural beauty. Modest fashion is also about a simple way to dress to feel good. Less is always more ? I would also say that the essence of every woman is powerful enough to exist without too many eccentric looks or details. The highest quality of the fabrics generally offers comfortable clothes for people’s wellness.”

Anne-Sophie C. – Journalist

“Modest fashion is the style in which everyone feels at ease with respect to their own principles – be they religious, cultural and / or economic – without renouncing self-expression. Modest fashion sounds like an oxymoron and in fact expresses a difficult balance between rules and freedom, conventions and individuality, saving and creativity. Modest fashion is an exercise and a daily goal of self-determination, it is an expression of self-esteem.”

Fabiana M. – Freelance Journalist and PR